Yunhua Zhang

I am a PhD candidate at University of Amsterdam (UvA), supervised by Prof. Cees Snoek.

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I'm interested in computer vision, video understanding, audiovisual learning and object tracking.

blind-date Repetitive Activity Counting by Sight and Sound
Yunhua Zhang, Ling Shao, Cees G.M. Snoek
CVPR, 2021
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Also presented at EPIC Workshop@CVPR 2021 and Sight and Sound Workshop@CVPR 2021

We incorporate for the first time the corresponding sound into the repetition counting process. This benefits accuracy in challenging vision conditions such as occlusion, dramatic camera view changes, low resolution, etc.

blind-date Learning Regression and Verification Networks for Robust Long-term Tracking
Yunhua Zhang, Lijun Wang, Dong Wang, Jinqing Qi, Huchuan Lu
IJCV, 2021
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This paper proposes a new visual tracking algorithm, which leverages the merits of both template matching approaches and classification models for long-term object detection and tracking.

blind-date High-Performance Long-Term Tracking with Meta-Updater
Kenan Dai, Yunhua Zhang, Dong Wang, Jianhua Li, Huchuan Lu, Xiaoyun Yang
CVPR, 2020   (Best Paper Award Nominee)
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In this work, we propose a novel offline-trained Meta-Updater to address an important but unsolved problem: Is the tracker ready for updating in the current frame?

blind-date Structured Siamese Network for Real-Time Visual Tracking
Yunhua Zhang, Lijun Wang, Jinqing Qi, Dong Wang, Mengyang Feng, Huchuan Lu
ECCV, 2018
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In this paper, we propose a local structure learning method, which simultaneously considers the local patterns of the target and their structural relationships for more accurate target tracking.

The winning track of VOT2019 Long-term Tracking Challenge
Kenan Dai, Yunhua Zhang, Jianhua Li, Dong Wang, Xiaoyun Yang, Huchuan Lu
ICCV Workshop, 2019
Report / Code

The winning track of VOT2018 Long-term Tracking Challenge
Yunhua Zhang, Lijun Wang, Dong Wang, JinQing Qi, Huchuan Lu
ECCV Workshop, 2018
Report / Code

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